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Creating content

When you’re in a site all its files and folders are listed.

Tap on a file to preview it, or tap on a folder to list its contents.

Tap BackBack to go up a level in the site, or if you’re at the top level tap BackSites to go back to the list of sites.

Adding content to a site

When you add content to a site it’s added to the currently displayed location in the site list.

Tip: You can only add content to a site if the site manager has given you the required permissions.

Tap + to:

Create Text File: Create a new file and then save it in Alfresco Content Services, adding tags if you want.
Note: You can tap Microphone to create it using speech-to-text if you’re online.

Create Folder: Create a new folder and save it to Alfresco Content Services.

Upload: Select photos or choose local files to upload.

Take Photo or Video: You can take a photo or multiple photos, and video.

Record Audio: Record and upload audio.

Deleting content from a site

To delete a file or folder tap it and swipe to the left to show a Delete button. Tap this to delete the file/folder.

Tip: If you delete a folder then all its contents are also deleted.

To delete multiple files tap Back then Multi-Select then select all of the files you want to delete.

When you’re done tap Delete, then Delete again to confirm.

Tip: The content you can delete depends on the permissions the site manager has given you.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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