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Connect from MDM services

Many companies now use MDM solutions such as MobileIron and Airwatch to manage apps that are used on their devices.

You can connect to Alfresco Content Services mobile app from a number of Mobile Device Management services. If you're using an MDM solution then how you implement Alfresco Content Services depends on your user role - check the relevant section below.

To get more information on MDM versions of Alfresco Content Services go to Alfresco Support.

Note: Due to security restrictions for managed apps, not all features are available.

System Administrator

Provision Alfresco Content Services inside your MDM, and configure it using the following parameters:

Note: The parameters required may differ slightly between MDM solutions.
Parameter Description Required
AlfrescoRepositoryURL The Alfresco Content Services server URL to connect to, using the format <http | https>://<host-name>:<port>/<repository-context> For example Yes
AlfrescoUserName User name of each user. No
AlfrescoDisplayName The display label for Alfresco Content Services, for example, Company Intranet. No
AlfrescoShareURL The Alfresco Share server URL to connect to, using the format <http | https>://<host-name>:<port>/<share-context> No
AlfrescoUserProfile Use a profile-id defined in the configuration file to enforce a specific profile. See Configuring Alfresco Content Services mobile app for more. No
Note: Your MDM solution may display this information automatically.

Your users can then install and use Alfresco Content Services.

Alfresco Content Services Mobile App User

  1. Install Alfresco Content Services through your MDM as you would with any other app.
  2. When you open Alfresco Content Services, you don't need to set up an account in the same way that non-MDM users do. Instead just enter your user name and password and tap Sign in.

    Now you're ready to start using Alfresco Content Services.

    Tip: Depending on the MDM you're using, some features might not be available.

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