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Using Alfresco Content Services mobile app

Once you’ve connected the mobile app to your Alfresco Content Services account it’s time to start finding, downloading, and using content.

Content is stored in sites, so you can use different sites to store different groups of content.

The display is split into three main areas; Menu, Lists, and Preview.

The iPhone shows just one of these areas at a time and you can swipe between them.



The icons here give you access to all the app features. You can slide the menu in and out to display more detail. See Menu options

Note: Some options are only available for connections to the latest version of Alfresco Content Services.


Displays the results of your selection in the menu. For example, if you selected Tasks, then a list of tasks assigned to you will be displayed, if you selected Favorites then all the files and folders you’ve favorited will be displayed, and so on.

Tap a task or file to display a preview or tap a site to list the site contents.

If you’re in a site then at the top of the list is a Settings button that you can tap to go back a level.

Tip: Pull down on lists to refresh them.

Tap Back when available to Show Grid View or Show List view.


Displays a preview of the currently selected file or task and further options. The preview is displayed until another selection is made.

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