Alfresco Mobile SDK for Android

This section provides an introduction to the Android version of the Alfresco Mobile SDK.

The Alfresco Mobile SDK includes a set of APIs and samples that provides a facility for partners, customers and developers to develop applications that access Alfresco server functionality. Both on-premise and Cloud-based servers are supported, with support been included for servers from 3.4.x and above. This documentation describes the SDK targeted at the Android platform.

This SDK comprises the following:

  1. Client API
  2. SDK Samples application
  3. Sample extension
  4. HelloRepo example

The Client API provides a library that allows a developer to quickly incorporate the ability to access Alfresco and CMIS-compliant servers to their application.

The SDK Samples application provides an extensive example application that demonstrates how to use the Client API.

The Sample extension demonstrates how to extend the SDK.

The HelloRepo application is a very minimal example demonstrating the basics of connecting to an Alfresco repository.

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