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Classes Overview

This topic lists the main classes that comprise the Android Client API.

Class Description
AlfrescoSession Interface representing a connection to an Alfresco repository.
CloudNetwork Interface for Alfresco in the Cloud server network information.
CloudSession Represents a connection to the Alfresco Cloud repository as a specific user.
RepositorySession Represents a connection to an on-premise repository as a specific user.

Class Description
CloudAuthentication Provides authentication for Alfresco in the Cloud servers.
BasicAuthenticationProvider Provides authentication for Alfresco servers.

Class Description
ActivityStreamService The ActivityStreamService interface provides support for news/activity feed in the context of an enterprise. Activities track a range of updates, events, and actions, allowing users to be informed of any applicable changes.
CommentService The CommentService interface allows the management of comments inside a repository.
DocumentFolderService The DocumentFolderService interface provides facilities to manage folders and documents in an Alfresco repository. The service provides methods to create and update nodes.
PersonService The PersonService interface provides support for obtaining information about users.
RatingService The RatingService interface can be used to manage the ratings (like/dislike) on any content node in the repository.
SearchService The SearchService provides methods for querying the repository and returning a filtered collection of nodes based on the permissions of the user.
ServiceRegistry The ServiceRegistry provides a registry of all services that are available for the current session. Depending on repository session information, certain services may be unavailable. To ascertain if a service is available, you can request this service and check the return value is not null.
SiteService Sites are a key concept within Alfresco Share for managing documents, wiki pages, blog posts, discussions, and other collaborative content relating to teams, projects, and communities of interest.
TaggingService Tags are keywords or terms assigned to a piece of information including documents and folders. This service provides methods to perform operations such as addition and removal of tags to nodes, and listing tags that have been applied to a node.
VersionService The VersionService manages versions of individual document. To enable versioning behavior, you must apply the versionable aspect to the node.
WorkflowService The WorkflowService allows for the creation and management of workflow processes and tasks. Each type of workflow is specified via a process definition. Instances of the process definitions can be created to initiate specific workflows. Each workflow will consist of one or more tasks. With Alfresco 4.0 onwards the Activiti workflow engine is used by default.

Class Description
ActivityEntry The ActivityEntry interface represents an action that has taken place within an Alfresco repository. It is typically initiated by Alfresco on behalf of a user. An ActivityEntry has a type specified by Alfresco, such as Document Added. The time the entry was created is also encapsulated in the object.
Comment The Comment interface represents a convenient way to provide notes or information specific to that content.
Company The Company interface represents a convenient way to hold information about a company's name and address.
Content The Content interface provides a parent for both ContentFile and ContentStream, and potentially other types of content.
ContentFile The ContentFile interface represents an abstract way to share a file between the client API and the server.
ContentStream The ContentStream interface represents an abstract way to share an input stream between the client API and server.
Document The Document interface represents a document in the Alfresco repository.
Folder The Folder interface represents a folder object in the Alfresco repository.
KeywordSearchOptions Provides information to manage the behavior of a search. It defines how a query is made available to the Search Service.
ListingContext Provides information to manage behavior of an object list such as node, comment, site and so on. ListingContext is typically used in combination with List<Object> getObjects(listingContext) type methods that return a list of objects.
ListingFilter The ListingFilter can be used to obtain a list of objects that meet certain criteria. It's used in conjunction with ListingContext.
Node Base abstract of node objects. Objects such as Documents and Folders implement this interface.
PagingResult Provides paging for objects. This is used were paged results are returned from methods.
Permissions Permissions represent the actions a person can perform on a node.
Person Provides information for a specific person. This person is known inside the repository and has a role.
Process This represents a workflow process. It is a specific instance of a workflow process definition.
ProcessDefinition This represents a type of workflow process, such as Adhoc Activiti Process or Parallel Group Review and Approve Activiti Process. It can be thought of as the workflow template from which specific workflow instances (processes) are created.
Property The Property interface represents the details of a single node in the repository.
PropertyType The PropertyType enum represents the data types a property can be.
RepositoryCapabilities The RepositoryCapabilities interface is used to provide information on which specific operations are supported by the repository.
RepositoryInfo The RepositoryInfo interface provides information on the repository the session is connected to. It provides information such as repository version number, edition, and capabilities.
SearchLanguage This enumerates the search languages available in the Client API.
Site Provides information about an Alfresco Share site. A site is a project area where it is possible to share content and collaborate with other site members. Each site can be marked as public or private.
SiteVisibility The SiteVisibility enum represents constants indicating the site's visibility, public, moderated or private.
Tag Provides an interface for tag objects.
Task A task is a specific step in a workflow process. A workflow process will consist of one or more tasks than need to be completed.

Class Description
AlfrescoSessionException The AlfrescoSessionException class this exception is raised if a problem occurs during connection to repository.
AlfrescoException The AlfrescoException class is the abstract base class of all Alfresco exceptions.
AlfrescoServiceException The AlfrescoServiceException base class for all exceptions raised by services.

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