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Field Control Types

Field Control Types are described in this topic.

Field Control Types

The following section shows the field control types that are supported:

ID (prefixed with org.alfresco.client.form.field) Description Parameters
authority A person or group picker control readOnly, authority={person, group}, outputValue={id,’propertyId’, object} allowMultipleSelection
boolean A "switch" control readOnly
date A date/time control readOnly, showTime, minDate, MaxDate
dateRange A control allowing a start and end date to be selected readOnly
hidden A control that allows non-visible values to be submitted readOnly
localFile A control to pick a file from the client device readOnly, mimeTypes, outputValue={id,path, Fileobject}
node A control to pick a document or folder from the repository readOnly, startLocation, allowFileSelection, allowFolderSelection, <navigation-limitations> outputValue={id,'propertyId', object}
number A control that accepts only numbers readOnly, secret, allowNegative, decimal
numberRange A control allowing a start and end number to be entered readOnly
select A control allowing a list of options to be selected from readOnly, allowMultipleSelection
size A readonly control that displays content size  
tag A tag picker control readOnly
text A text field readOnly, showMultipleLines, secret

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