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Extending HelloRepo

This tutorial describes how to extend HelloRepo.
This tutorial assumes you understand the procedure explained in the tutorial How to create an SDK application.

The purpose of this tutorial is to add an Android user interface to the HelloRepo example. In this tutorial you will add the ability to display a list of nodes in a list view.

There are several stages to this tutorial:

  1. Create a new project to work with.
  2. Create a node adapter. List views are interfaced to an adapter in order to display results. You will create a custom adapter, the node adapter, so that the list view can display information from a list of nodes. Although the list view will only display the node name, it could easily be extended using this approach to display additional node information.
  3. Create a list view component. Once you have the node adapter class, you can attach it to a list view component to display a list of nodes.
  4. A MessageObject class is created. This is a Parcelable object that can be sent between two activities. This message object will contain details of a node selected from the list view.
  5. Add a node detail activity to HelloRepo. Once you have nodes displayed in a list view, then the next step is to add code to enable a node in the view to be clicked. Once a node is clicked a new activity is displayed, the node detail activity. This activity displays additional information about the node.
  6. You need to add code so that when a node is selected from the list view, an Android intent is created containing the selected node. This is then sent to a newly created node detail activity, which displays the node information.

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