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Source distribution

This topic describes the structure of the source code distribution.

The source code for the Alfresco Mobile SDK for iOS, which can be checked out of the GitHub repository, contains the AlfrescoSDK directory.

The AlfrescoSDK directory contains the following files and sub-directories

  • AlfrescoSDK - containing the main source code
  • AlfrescoSDK.xcodeproj - the Xcode project to build the SDK
  • AlfrescoSDKTests - unit tests
  • CMIS - the CMIS library source code
  • scripts - scripts to build the library, documentation, and run unit tests.
  • build - built files, such as static libraries and API documentation go here.
  • LICENSE, NOTICE and README. These contain the Apache License details, the Alfresco copyright notice and information regarding the release.
Note: For instructions on checking out the source code and building the source code, please see the Tutorials section.

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