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MS-MT known limitations

Currently, following known limitations apply to the multi-schema multi-tenancy (MS-MT) feature:

  • As with regular multi-tenancy, it is not possible to configure the out of the box LDAP synchronization to synchronize users to different tenants.

  • The tenant can only be configured through the REST API, not via the "identity management" app.

  • Users need to be created by a user that is a "Tenant Administrator", not a "Tenant Manager".

  • Updating a tenant configuration (more specifically: switching the data source) cannot be done dynamically, a restart of all nodes is required for it to be picked up.

  • A user id needs to be unique across all tenants (cft. an email). This is because a mapping {user id, tenant id} will be stored in the primary database to determine the correct tenant data source.

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