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What's new in Alfresco Records Management

Alfresco Records Management just got a whole lot simpler and smarter.

We've focused our efforts on extending the ways that non-Records Management users can create and work with records. Effectively this means that most users never need to worry about records, file plans, or disposition schedules.

See Records based on existing files (in-place records) for more.

Declare file versions as records

In recent releases of Records Management we introduced the concept of in-place records, where you could take an existing file in a non-Records Management site and declare it as a record, automatically creating a corresponding record.
This has now been extended so that you can create records based on specific version of files, so for example, you can keep a record of a file before customer sign-off, and a record of the same file updated with customer changes.

Move in-place records

You can now move files that have been declared as records to a different location in the document library, for example to a separate folder structure where you archive all files that have been declared as records. The record in the File Plan is entirely unaffected by movements to the originating file.

See Moving in-place records for more.

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Improved add relationship process

It's now a quick process to add relationships to records using the new Add Relationship action. You can see and manage any relationships a record has in the file preview screen, and relationships between different versions of an in-place record are created automatically.

See Creating relationships between records for more.


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Improved record rejection process

When an in-place record is rejected from the Records Management site, a warning that the record has been rejected is now displayed against the originating file, and the user can read the reason for rejection.

Once understood, the rejection warning can be removed from the file, allowing users to later resubmit the file as a record.

See Managing records for more.

Rejection Reason

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Unlink records

Previously in Records Management you could link records so as to file them in multiple locations in the File Plan. Now, you can unlink them as well.

See Linking records for more.

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RM Admin Tools

The Records Management Console has been renamed to RM Admin Tools, for consistency with the Alfresco Admin Tools.

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Renamed capabilities

In the RM Admin Tools, we've renamed a couple of the capabilities to make them clearer.
  • Manage Access Rights is now Manage Permissions
  • Manage Access Controls is now Group and User Role Assignment


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You can follow our latest updates at Alfrescodocs.