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Share archetype

The Share AMP Archetype is a sample fully featured project to manage AMP (Alfresco Module Package) projects. This archetype can be used for Alfresco Share AMPs.

The main features of this archetype are:

  • AMP packaging support for your projects.
  • AMP dependency management in Maven.
  • Installation of AMPs in a Share WAR.
  • AMP Unit Testing support. Just run the standard mvn test and see your src/test/java Alfresco unit tests run. An sample Unit Test is provided in this archetype.
  • Run embedded in Tomcat with an embedded H2 database for demo purposes, rapid application development and integration testing.
    Attention: This is not a supported stack, so it should only be used for development purposes.
  • Support for (remote) Junit and integration testing and Rapid Application Development. This uses spring-loaded. Project can easily be launched for this scenario using
  • Seamless IDE integration with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.

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