Alfresco SDK 2.0

The Alfresco SDK is a community project that provides an easy to use approach to developing applications and extensions for Alfresco. This documentation covers version 2.0 of the Alfresco SDK.

With this SDK you can develop, package, test, run, document and release your Alfresco extension project. It is important to note that while previous versions of the Alfresco SDK were based around Ant, the latest versions of the SDK are based on Maven.

The Alfresco SDK 2.0 includes a number of archetypes. These archetypes aim to provide a standardized approach to development, release and deployment of Alfresco extensions. The following project types are available:

  1. Alfresco AMP archetype: the Alfresco AMP archetype is a sample fully featured project to manage AMP (Alfresco Module Package) projects. This archetype can be used for development of Alfresco Repository AMPs.
  2. Alfresco Share AMP archetype: Share project with full support for lifecycle and rapid development of AMPs.
  3. Alfresco all-in-one archtype (AIO): the Alfresco all-in-one archetype is a multi-module project, leveraging Alfresco SDK's powerful capabilities to customize and run the full Alfresco platform embedded and all its components. The archetype does not require additional download and provides a perfect starting point for full-blown Alfresco projects.

Project documentation, website and support

As of version 2.0, releases for the Alfresco SDK are available in Maven Central.

The Alfresco SDK is a community supported project. Documentation and details of the mailing list can be found on the Alfresco SDK website.

The Alfresco SDK is hosted on GitHub.

Details on using the Alfresco SDK with Alfresco Enterprise can be found in the Using Alfresco SDK with Alfresco Enterprise tutorials.

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