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Configuring support for Enterprise artifacts

This task demonstrates how you can configure a Maven project to use the Alfresco Enterprise artifacts, rather than the Community artifacts. In particular it demonstrates the use of the enterprise profile (-Penterprise) introduced with SDK version 2.0.0.
You need to have completed the previous tutorial Configuring access to Alfresco Private Repository, so that you have access to the repositories that contain the Enterprise artifacts.
In this tutorial you will create a new project that uses Enterprise artifacts. The tutorial uses the enterprise profile introduced with SDK version 2.0.0. In this tutorial you will perform the following:
  1. Build a new sample project using the default settings (this will specify Community artifacts).
  2. Modify the values for the properties alfresco.groupId and alfresco.version to specify Enterprise artifacts.
  3. Add configuration to reference the Alfresco Private Repository.
  4. Build an all in one project that uses Alfresco Enterprise Edition.
Attention: Alfresco SDK 2.0 defaults to using 5.0.0 enterprise artifacts. If you need to use a different version of the 5.0 Enterprise artifacts, you will need to edit the project pom.xml file. You would locate the property alfresco.version. Modify it to have the value 5.0.x, where x is the revision required.
  1. In the maven_projects directory type the following command:

    mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=org.alfresco.maven.archetype:
  2. Select the All-in-One Archetype.
  3. Select the default archetype version number.
  4. For the groupId enter com.alfresco.tutorials.
  5. For the artifactId enter my-enterprise-project.
  6. Accept the default archetype version by pressing Enter.
  7. Accept the default Alfresco version by pressing Enter.

    The project will be built in the my-enterprise-project directory.

  8. Change into the my-enterprise-project project directory.
  9. In the project directory type mvn install -Prun,enterprise.

    This will build the project, downloading Enterprise artifacts from the Alfresco private repository as required, and run the project.

  10. Once the application is running you can point your web browser at http://localhost:8080/share.

    You might need to wait some time before Alfresco has fully started. Look for the message: INFO: Starting ProtocolHandler ["http-bio-8080"], which indicates the server has started.

  11. Log into Share using the user name admin and password admin.
  12. Once logged into Share your dashboard is displayed. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Alfresco logo. This will display an information dialog.
  13. Note that the version displayed is Alfresco Enterprise 5.0.0.

    You have successfully completed all requirements to build and run Alfresco Enterprise using the Alfresco SDK.

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