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What's new?

This section describes new features in this version of the Alfresco SDK.

What's new in Alfresco SDK 2.1

  • Support for Solr 4
  • Regression testing Share Webapp with Alfresco Share Page Object (PO) tests
  • Functional testing of Custom Pages with Alfresco Share PO
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) improvements:
    • New alfresco:refresh-repo goal for alfresco-maven-plugin for automatic refresh of repository (alfresco.war)
    • New alfresco:refresh-share goal for alfresco-maven-plugin for automatic refresh of Share (share.war)
  • Automatic JavaScript compression
  • Custom package name can be used when generating projects
  • Records Management profile 'rm' removed, now included as other AMPs in the repository and Share WAR POMs
  • Run script for Windows now available (run.bat)
  • Upgraded to Community 5.0.d and Enterprise 5.0.1 (JDK8)
  • Fixed DB initialization error (dbObject cannot be null)
  • Fixed blank Admin Console bug

What's new in Alfresco SDK 2.0

  • Name changed from Maven Alfresco SDK to Alfresco SDK.
  • New Share AMP archetype.
  • RAD in Eclipse and IntelliJ.
  • Now requires Maven 3.2.2
  • RAD with Spring Loaded.
  • Support for JRebel has been deprecated.
  • Introduction of enterprise profile option -Penterprise.

What was new in Alfresco SDK 1.1.1

  • Bug fixes.

What was new in Alfresco SDK 1.1.0

  • Runs in Tomcat7 (replaces Jetty)
  • Remote running of JUnit
  • JRebel integration
  • Improved IDE integration

What was in Alfresco SDK 1.0.x

  • Use of Alfresco POMs
  • Relied on a number of components:
    • The SDK parent POM providing full Alfresco project lifecycle feature, to be added as a <parent> in your projects
    • Archetypes like the AMP or all-in-one providing sample project to kickstart your Alfresco development and boost it with best practices
    • The Alfresco Maven Plugin to manage AMP packaging and dependencies
    • Alfresco Platform Distribution POM can (optionally) be used to provide centralized <dependencyManagement> on a particular Alfresco version / edition (Community / Enterprise)
    • The Alfresco Artifacts Repository provides backing for this SDK. Check the Alfresco Wiki for Community / Enterprise access information
  • Embedded Jetty server and H2 database

What was in Maven Alfresco Lifecycle

  • First implementation of Alfresco Maven SDK (Now deprecated)
  • No use of Alfresco POMs
  • Available archetypes and plugins:
    • maven-alfresco-extension-archetype to create WAR packaged webapps that can provide all Maven lifecycle and features
    • maven-alfresco-share-archetype to create and manage Alfresco Share customization webapps
    • maven-alfresco-share-module-archetype to create and manage Alfresco Share custom dashlets, pages as JARs
    • maven-alfresco-amp-archetype to create maven-amp-plugin managed web apps, which can provide all Maven lifecycle and features to Alfresco modules. The maven-amp-plugin is also used as a replacement to MMT to unpack AMPs into WARs builds, using the Maven dependency mechanism provided by the maven-amp-plugin
  • Embedded Jetty server and H2 database to run Alfresco or Share
  • Possible to use Maven standard dependency management to pull in AMPs in your build
  • Further information

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