Alfresco Support Handbook

Escalate an Issue

Occasionally, an issue requires a faster response, more attention, and a deeper understanding of the impact on your business.

1. Verify the Severity of your case is correct

The first step is to verify the current severity level of your support case in our system and ensure that it matches the priority level for you.

These levels are (with the lowest severity first):

  • 4 - Question/How-To/Enhancement
  • 3 - Production/Development - Minor Impact
  • 2 - Production/Development - Major Impact
  • 1 - Production System Down

2. Contact the Support Team

Once you have verified the correct severity, please contact the Support Engineer working on your support case. Please let them know to adjust the Severity, if applicable. And if the issue pertains to a JIRA issue (product engineering), the business case surrounding the escalation. The business case should include any financial implication as well as the impact for users. Your Support Engineer is responsible for the escalation and involve others as required.

Participation is a critical aspect of our ability to resolve escalated issues quickly and effectively. Therefore, the Support team may request reasonable assistance from you during the resolution of an issue. Your role includes identifying a key technical contact and making sure that at least one individual is available for the duration of any Severity One issue.

The Support Management team may assign a single point of contact to you for the duration of the case investigation. The point of contact will be your advocate within Alfresco and make sure that the right people are engaged at the right time to ensure we expedite the resolution.

For Most Serious Issues

For the most serious issues, the Regional Support Manager will become involved. Examples are:

  • Server down situation
  • Server upgrade at risk
  • A halted deployment

All of these scenarios should also have an element of a significant business risk.

The Regional Support Manager is responsible for ensuring the shortest possible resolution time through engaging the appropriate people and communicating the agreed action plans to the stakeholders from any of the personnel involved. They will proactively engage the senior executives, as appropriate; to improve customer relationships and demonstrate Alfresco’s commitment to the customer at the highest levels.

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