Alfresco Support Handbook

Premier Support Policy

Clarifications as to the support policies associated with the Premier Services personnel.

Technical Account Managers (TAM) - During times of absence, accounts are temporarily reassigned to another TAM for handling of Severity One support cases.  

Premier Services Engineers (PSEs, remote or on-site) - work normal Alfresco business hours for the time zone in which they are based. The PSE is assigned full time to one named customer account. Alfresco PSEs adhere to the Alfresco published holiday calendar. Alfresco PSEs may take reasonable time off as needed for illness, vacation, training and other internal company needs. During these periods, Alfresco will meet our support obligations using the normal Alfresco support channels, including priority phone access and the Alfresco Support Portal. Premier service level targets and other parts of the premier services program remain in force. For periods of extended absence greater than four weeks, Alfresco provisions a backup resource and coordinates a hand-off. Due to geographic constraints, this backup personnel may be located at a remote location.

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