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Alfresco Full Text Search Reference

The following sections describe the Alfresco Full Text Search (FTS) syntax.

The Alfresco Full Text Search (FTS) query text can be used standalone or it can be embedded in CMIS-SQL using the contains() predicate function. The CMIS specification supports a subset of FTS. The full power of FTS can not be used and, at the same time, maintain portability between CMIS repositories.

FTS is exposed directly by the interface, which adds its own template, and is also used as its default field. The default template is:
%(cm:name cm:title cm:description ia:whatEvent ia:descriptionEvent lnk:title lnk:description TEXT)

When FTS is embedded in CMIS-SQL, only the CMIS-SQL-style property identifiers (cmis:name) and aliases, CMIS-SQL column aliases, and the special fields listed can be used to identify fields. The SQL query defines tables and table aliases after from and join clauses. If the SQL query references more than one table, the contains() function must specify a single table to use by its alias. All properties in the embedded FTS query are added to this table and all column aliases used in the FTS query must refer to the same table. For a single table, the table alias is not required as part of the contains() function.

When FTS is used standalone, fields can also be identified using prefix:local-name and {uri}local-name styles.

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