Alfresco Sync Service 3.4

Alfresco Sync Service is an add-on module that synchronizes files between the desktop and repository using web services. It’s part of the Desktop Sync solution that consists of three components: Sync Service, Desktop Sync for Windows, and Desktop Sync for Mac. This documentation describes how to install, configure, and administer the Sync Service.

Here is a summary of the key capabilities:

  • Clustering for scalability support
  • Added support for more databases: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and AWS Aurora MySQL
  • Support for AWS deployment
  • Events monitoring for content, Governance Services, and permission changes

Note: The Sync Service module can be applied to Alfresco One, and previous versions of Alfresco Content Services. See prerequisites for more.

The following diagram shows a simple representation of how Alfresco Content Services and the Sync Service interact with the Desktop Sync clients. See Sync Service architecture for more.

Simple architecture for Sync Service

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