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FTP advanced Spring overrides

The FTP server beans are declared in the file-servers-context.xml file.
Using the subsystem extension classpath mechanism, site specific customization of these default values can be placed in a Spring bean file. Create a file called custom-file-servers-context.xml and place it in a folder with the path <extension>\subsystems\fileServers\default\default\custom-file-servers-context.xml (note that the default\default part of the path is intentional).

The following properties can be overridden on the ftpServerConfig bean.

Specifies the address the FTP server binds to, if not specified the server will bind to all available addresses.
  1. The debugFlags property enables debug output levels for FTP server debugging. The value should be a comma-separated list of flag names from the following table:
    Flag Description
    State Session state changes
    Search Folder searches
    Info File information requests
    File File open/close
    FileIO File read/write
    Error Errors
    Pkttype Received packet type
    Timing Time packet processing
    Dataport Data port
    Directory Directory commands
  2. Configure logging levels for the FTP server in $ALF_HOME/tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/ using:

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