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4. Creating a new claim

You can create a new claim structure using the Smart Folder Template, and edit a new claim.
  1. Click the site Document Library and drill down to the Smart Folders Tutorial/Claims Application/Claims folder.
  2. Create a new folder called Insurance Claim.
  3. If you did not set up a rule to add the aspect:
    1. Hover over the Insurance Claim folder and select More then Manage Aspects.
    2. In the Select Aspects window, add the Claim Folder (clex:claimFolder) aspect, and Save.
  4. Hover over the Insurance Claim folder and select Edit Properties, and All Properties.

    You'll see a new section called Claim Details that has been populated from the Claim Folder aspect.

    Claim Number, Policy Number, Claim Type, Claim Status, Handling Administrator, and Claim Date fields are visible. Specify a unique claim number (and other data) in these fields, which are propagated to any file in this folder. A list of numbers is provided for testing.

  5. Select the default numbers, a claim type of Accident Insurance and note the claim number. Click Save.
  6. Return to Document Library. You'll see the new Smart Folders are shown as sub folders of the Insurance Claim folder.

    Smart Folders are identified by this icon: Folder with a magnifying glass representing a Smart Folder

You can now add some files to your claim.

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