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Viewing the System Summary

System Summary in the Admin Console shows an overview of the status of the repository, including the general system information, subsystem status, clustering settings, the current authentication chain, and details of which AMPs are applied to the system.

There are no actions or entry fields on the System Summary page. This page is a high-level overview of the setting you have chosen or are set as default on the repository.

The overview is divided into the following sections:

  • System information
  • File Systems
  • Transformation Services
  • Indexing Subsystem
  • Repository Clustering
  • Activities Feed
  • Authentication
  • Email
  • Auditing Services
  • Content Stores
  • Alfresco Module Packages (AMPs)
  • Users and Groups
System Information

The System Information summary shows the general details of the installation. This information is useful for confirming the installation details, Java installation details, the host operating system specification and memory details.

File Systems

The File Systems summary shows the settings from the File Servers page. See Enabling File Servers for more information.

Transformation Services

The Transformation Services summary shows the settings from the Transformation Services page. See Changing the OOoJodconverter subsystems for more information.

Indexing Subsystem

The Indexing Subsystem summary shows the settings from the Search Service page. See Configuring Search Services for more information.

Repository Clustering

The Repository Clustering summary shows the settings from the Repository Server Clustering page. See Repository Server Clustering for more information.

Activities Feed

The Activities Feed summary shows the settings from the Activities Feed page. See Setting the Activities Feed for more information.


The Authentication summary shows the settings from the Directory Management page, in particular, the current authentication chain. See Managing authentication directories for more information.


The Email summary shows the settings from the Inbound Email and Outbound Email pages. See Managing inbound emails and Managing outbound emails for more information.

Auditing Services

The Auditing Services summary indicates the status of auditing in Alfresco Content Services.

Content Stores

The Content Stores summary lists the location of the default content stores.

Module Packages

The Module Packages summary identifies which modules have been applied to this instance of Alfresco Content Services.

Users and Groups

The Users and Groups summary shows the number of individual users and groups within the system.

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