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Advantages of AMP files

The AMP file is the recommended technique for packaging your extension.

This format allows the module to be more easily shared, for example with a community of developers or for shipping to customers. During development, non-AMP formats are sometimes used to ease the development process.

Advantages of using AMP files

Here are some of the advantages of packaging your extension in an AMP file:

  • AMPs provide a namespace feature that helps prevent file name clashes with other extensions.
  • The minimum and maximum version of Alfresco Content Services required for the extension to operate correctly can be specified in the AMP file.
  • Dependencies on other modules can be declared in the AMP file.
  • AMP files can contain a module version number.
  • Data required by the extension when the module is loaded can be included in the AMP.
  • It is possible to run initialization code when the AMP is installed.

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