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Heartbeat feature

Alfresco Content Services can send a 'heartbeat' to Alfresco. The heartbeat contains anonymous information that can help Alfresco to understand product usage and to better meet the needs of your organization. Our aim is to use the anonymous information to help us make decisions about product development so that our investment benefits as many users as possible.

Disable the Heartbeat

The Heartbeat feature is set with the following property:


The property setting is true by default.

If you are using Alfresco Content Services it is not possible to change the value of the heartbeat.enabled property because the default license supersedes the property. If you are unable to share this anonymous data with us you can request a license from Alfresco Support with Heartbeat already disabled. Contact Alfresco Support for more information.

What is sent?

The anonymous data transmitted by the repository includes the Alfresco Content Services version number, number of items in the repository, the size of a cluster, and the number of active users. Information about feature usage including content models, workflows, Smart Folders, and APIs are also sent. Other products will also share anonymous data necessary for Alfresco to understand their usage.

To see the data being sent to Alfresco, see the following logs:

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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