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Test and familiarize after installing in a clustered environment

You have successfully installed and configured Alfresco Content Services in a distributed/clustered environment. Now you can make sure that the features and customizations you have added are operational.

Here are some of the tips to help you test your customizations.
Note: We recommend that you create a test site for testing purpose and put all your test data in that site.
  • Check that the application server is running.
  • Can you login using your user name and password. See Signing in.
  • Check that various components are communicating with each other.
  • For a clustered installation, check if one node is down, check if the request is forwarded to the next available node.
  • Check if clustering is working properly by running the cluster validation tool in the Admin Console.
  • Check if you are using a clustering-enabled license.
  • Change the cluster-related properties in the file, and check if all the nodes are up and running.
Note: After you have finished testing, remember to delete the test site or test data in order to clear your database.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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