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Recommendations for split architecture

There are a number of recommendations for splitting the Alfresco Content Services architecture in a distributed or clustered environment.
Generally, there are two complementary purposes for distributing or clustering your installation.
  • To achieve redundancy or high availability
  • To provide high-performance and/or throughput
Main decision is involved around when to split and how to split.
When to split: There are a number of indicators to help you decide when to split your architecture from a single node environment to a distributed node environment. Some of the indicators to look for include:
  • Low disk space
  • CPU running out of memory
  • High indexing load

How to split: When you have decided to upgrade from a single node environment to a distributed or clustered environment, you must find the most appropriate way to cluster architecture.

Consider the following scenarios for setting up a cluster and installing Solr in a cluster.

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