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Supported Platforms

Here is a list of the individual components that have been through the complete Alfresco Quality Assurance and Certification activities for Alfresco Content Services.

Last modified: March 1 2019

Choose a combination of products to build your own Supported Stack. If anything is unclear then please contact our Support team

Operating systems

Server 6.1.0 Comment
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 x64  
Windows Server 2016  
Amazon Linux  
CentOS 7 x64  
Ubuntu 18.04  
SUSE 12.0 SP1 x64  


Database 6.1.0 Comment
MySQL 5.7.23 mysql-connector-java-5.1.40-bin.jar
MS SQL Server 2017 Microsoft JDBC Driver 7.0 or 7.1 for SQL Server. See for JDBC Driver supported versions
Oracle 12c Ojdbc7.jar –
PostgreSQL 10.1 Postgresql-42.2.1.jar
MariaDB 10.2.18 mariadb-java-client-2.2.5.jar
Amazon Aurora mariadb-java-client-2.2.5.jar

Message brokers

Broker 6.1.0 Comment
ActiveMQ v5.15.6

Application servers

Applications server 6.1.0 Comment
Tomcat 8.5.34  


Client operating system 6.1.0 Comment
Windows 10  
Windows 7 x64  
Mac OSX 10.12  

Client browsers

Browser 6.1.0 Comment
Mozilla Firefox  
MS Internet Explorer 11  
Microsoft Edge  
Safari 11  


JRE 6.1.0 Comment
OpenJDK 11.0.1  
OracleJDK 11.0.1  

Third Party integrations

Integration 6.1.0 Comment
MS Office 2016 Microsoft Office for Mac does not support Kerberos authentication
MS Office 2013  
Alfresco Content Connector for AWS S3 2.2.1  
Alfresco Content Connector for AWS S3 2.3  
Alfresco Content Connector for AWS Glacier 1.0  
Alfresco Content Connector for EMC Centera 2.2.1  
Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce 2.1  
Alfresco Google Docs Integration 3.1  
Alfresco Outlook Integration 2.5.1 See Outlook Integration prerequisites for MS-Office supported versions
Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) 3.x Some API functionality may be available only in the latest Alfresco Content Services release.

Integrated services

Module name 6.1.0 Comment
Alfresco Transform Service 1.0.1  
Alfresco Search Services  
Alfresco Identity Service 1.0 ** See the Alfresco Identity Service documentation for more details

** Alfresco Identity Service has the following limitations. It can only be deployed using Helm charts in Kubernetes. This will be extended to other deployment options in a later release. Also, you can only authenticate with the v1 REST APIs in Alfresco Content Services 6.1. Alfresco Share, CMIS, Alfresco Desktop Sync, ADF, and other modules are not currently supported for authentication.


Module name 6.1.0 Comment
Alfresco Digital Workspace 1.0  
Alfresco Sync Service 3.1 See Sync Service prerequisites for supported environments
Alfresco Desktop Sync 1.1.1 * See Alfresco Desktop Sync overview for supported clients
Alfresco Media Management 1.3  
Document Transformation Engine 2.2.1  
Alfresco Office Services 1.2.2  
Alfresco Search and Insight Engine 1.0 Note: Alfresco Search and Insight Engine 1.0 is compatible with Java11 as long as you run Zepplin in a Java8 runtime either in a VM or separate Java8 based server.
SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) for Alfresco Content Services 1.1.1  

* Alfresco Desktop Sync will replicate content on local desktops for users with the appropriate access. If replication outside the repository is not allowed by your content policy you should not deploy Alfresco Desktop Sync. This version of Alfresco Desktop Sync does not support Smart Folders.

Related components

Component name 6.1.0 Comment
ImageMagick v7.0.7
VMWare ESXi Support from ESXi 5.0 (as long as the ESXi version supports the guest OS)
LibreOffice v5.4.6

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