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Adding an association

In this tutorial you add an association to your model. An association is a logical link between content types, it is a way of connecting related content.
Complete the previous tutorials in this series before attempting this one.
  1. In your IDE, open the file aio/aio-platform-jar/src/main/resources/alfresco/module/aio-platform-jar/model/content-model.xml and load it into the editor.
  2. Change the MyCompany generic document type to the following code:

        <!-- Enterprise-wide generic document type -->
        <type name="my:doc">
        	<title>MyCompany Generic Document</title>
        		<association name="my:relatedDocuments">
        			<title>Related Documents</title>
  3. To build and restart the project see working with an AIO project.
The association has been created and deployed.

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