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Configuring customized email templates

In Alfresco Content Services you can customize the emails that are sent by the v1 REST API when users share links to content and request a password change.

To customize an email template for your application, register the application as a new client, then create new email templates using your own branding by adding them to the Data Dictionary.
  1. Open Share, and click Repository on the toolbar.
  2. Click Data Dictionary then Email Templates.

    You can create a folder to store your customized email templates here.

  3. Add the required properties to

    Here is an example implementation for the default Share client that uses the v1 REST APIs.

    Note: Any property without a value is ignored, however, a client can't be registered if all the properties for that client have no values.

    Here is the full list of property settings that you can configure. Note that the expected format of the email template paths (*TemplatePath) are similar:

    Property Description Value



    Define the template path as an XPATH, NodeRef or classpath. Example:

    XPATH: app:company_home/app:dictionary/app: email_templates/cm:example-email.ftl

    NodeRef: workspace://SpacesStore/a371fc59-d5ea-4849-a45c-b00c0c0d00ab

    Class path: alfresco/templates/quickshare-email-templates/ myapp-template.ftl


    The URL of the assets for the email template, such as images and logos, used in the HTML template.




    The base URL of a page where the registered application displays the shared content.



    For example, to register the application myapp to send customized shared-link emails, add the following properties to
    repo.client-app.myapp.sharedLinkTemplatePath=myapp email template path
    repo.client-app.myapp.templateAssetsUrl=myapp email template assets url
    repo.client-app.myapp.sharedLinkBaseUrl=myapp url
    Note: If the template path isn't a valid nodeRef or template, the fallback template for Share is used.
  4. Restart the Alfresco server.
You can view your registered clients by using a JMX client, located under the ClientsAppsConfigInformation MBean.

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