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Introduction to the Alfresco ReST API version 1.0.

The Alfresco ReST API version 1.0 is a complete application interface that gives you access to all the features of the Alfresco Repository. The endpoint to access the API has the following format:

If you are accessing a local Repository the endpoint URL will most likely look like follows for a standard Repository installation: https://localhost:8080/alfresco/api/-default-/public/alfresco/versions/1/...

The tenant part will always be -default-, unless you are running a multi-tenant Alfresco solution where you would specify what tenant you want to operate against.

The scope is important and it denotes the accessibility of the API, public means it is allowed to use and private means that the API is for internal Alfresco use only (can change at any time). You can add your own scope, such as extension, for your own APIs. The Alfresco ReST API actually contains a number of APIs and the Core API is denoted by the /alfresco path. You also have the Search, Workflow, Discovery, and Authentication APIs.

To work with an object in the Repository, such as a folder or file node, you will append to this URL as follows:

An object in the Repository is referred to as an Entity. Which specific instance of an entity type you are working with is specified as part of the URL path (i.e. {id}). There can be Relationships between Entities and Operations applied to Entities, which are also specified as part of the URL (i.e. children, copy).

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