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Configuring Identity Service

Alfresco Content Services can be configured to authenticate using the Identity Service by configuring the authentication chain and file.

The Identity Service allows you to configure user authentication between a supported LDAP provider or SAML identity provider and the Identity Service for Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities.

The Identity Service needs to be deployed and configured with an identity provider before being set up with other Alfresco products.

Once the Identity Service has been deployed, there are two steps to configure Alfresco Content Services to authenticate with it:

  • Configure the authentication chain to the only supported value for the Identity Service: authentication.chain=identity-service1:identity-service,alfrescoNtlm1:alfrescoNtlm

    Important: The authentication chain cannot contain any other values, such as Kerberos or SAML, when using the Identity Service.
  • Configure the file

Note: See the supported platforms page for the compatibility between Alfresco Content Services and Identity Service.

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