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Identity Service configuration properties

Use this information to configure Alfresco Content Services to authenticate using Identity Service.

Configure the file using the below properties:

Note: See the Keycloak documentation for a full list of possible properties.
Property Description Default value
identity-service.authentication.enabled Enable or disable authentication via the Identity Service. true
identity-service.authentication.validation.failure.silent Whether token validation failure is silent. true
identity-service.authentication.defaultAdministratorUserNames The default administrator user name. admin
identity-service.authentication.allowGuestLogin Whether guest logins are allowed. true
identity-service.authentication.enable-username-password-authentication Used to enable username and login password authentication. true
identity-service.enable-basic-auth Used to enable or disable basic authentication fallback. If set to true then a secret must also be provided. true
identity-service.auth-server-url Base URL of the Identity Service server. Will be in the format https://{server}:{port}/auth http://localhost:8180/auth
identity-service.realm Name of the realm configured in the Identity Service. alfresco
identity-service.ssl-required Whether communication to and from the Identity Service server is over HTTPS. Possible values are all for all requests, external for external requests or none. This property needs to match the equivalent setting for Require SSL in your realm within the Identity Service administration console. none

The Client ID for the client created within your realm that points to Alfresco Content Services.


The adapter will not send credentials for the client to the Identity Service if this is set to true.


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