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This service represents the Repository Data Dictionary. The dictionary provides access to content meta-data such as Type and Aspect descriptions. Content metadata is organized into models where each model is given a qualified name. This means that it is safe to develop independent models and bring them together into the same Repository without name clashes (as long their namespace is different).
Information DictionaryService
Support Status Full Support
Architecture Information Platform Architecture
Description The DictionaryService provides access to the entire content meta-model. The content meta-model contains information of Types, DataTypes, Properties, Aspects, Associations and Constraints. Operations supported include:
  • Get DataTypes, Types, Associations, Properties, Constraints, Classes from a Content Model.
  • Check if a class is a sub-class.
  • Get SubTypes and SubAspects.
Deployment - App Server Deploy as AMP or Simple Module (JAR) package.
Deployment - SDK Project Use SDK archetypes to produce AMP or Simple Module.
Java API Java API documentation
Java example
     * Determines whether one class is a sub type of an other.  Returns true if it is, false otherwise.
     * @param clazz         the class to test
     * @param subTypeOf     test whether the class is a sub-type of this class
     * @return boolean      true if it is a sub-class, false otherwise
    public boolean isSubTypeOf(final String clazz, final String subTypeOf)
    	Boolean result = this.session.doSessionWork(new SessionWork<Boolean>()
			public Boolean doWork() 
		        // Convert to full names if required
		        String fullClazz = DataDictionary.this.session.getNamespaceMap().getFullName(clazz);
		        String fullSubTypeOf = DataDictionary.this.session.getNamespaceMap().getFullName(subTypeOf);
		        // Create the QNames for the passes classes
		        QName className = QName.createQName(fullClazz);
		        QName ofClassName = QName.createQName(fullSubTypeOf);
		        // Return the result
		        return new Boolean(DataDictionary.this.dictionaryService.isSubClass(className, ofClassName));
    	return result.booleanValue();

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