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This service ensures that a scheduled job can only run on one node of a cluster at a time. A scheduled job could be, for example, an Activities feed job that generates email to send to everyone every night or a content cleaner job that cleans up orphaned content.
Information JobLockService
Support Status Full Support
Architecture Information Platform Architecture
Description The JobLockService is used to provide a locking service at the job level, rather than the node level.

It's for example used indirectly via the AbstractScheduledLockedJob QuarzJobBean.

Deployment - App Server Deploy as AMP or Simple Module (JAR) package.
Deployment All-in-One SDK project.
  • aio/platform-jar/src/main/java/{domain specific directory path} - Java code
  • aio/platform-jar/src/main/resources/alfresco/module/platform-jar/context/service-context.xml - Spring Bean definitions
Java API Java API documentation
Java example For an example of using the JobLockService see the Content Store Cleaner code on GitHub.
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