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Enabling Kerberos authentication

Use this information to enable and configure Kerberos authentication in Alfresco Content Services 6.2.
Note: These instructions assume that you want to use SSO Kerberos.

How Kerberos sits in the overall authentication chain?

If you use Kerberos for authentication and LDAP AD for synchronizing the user accounts in to Alfresco, you must disable LDAP authentication. If you are using SSO and do not disable LDAP authentication, Kerberos authentication will fail.

In order to use all the benefits of Kerberos SSO, enable Kerberos using Directory Management in the Admin Console.
  1. In the Admin Console, click Directory Management under Directories.

    You see the Directory Management page.

  2. Under Authentication Chain, specify a name and set the type to Kerberos.
    Note: When you add the authentication types, make sure they are in the following order: Kerberos, LDAP AD, and alfrescoNtlm.
  3. Click Add, and then Save to add the new Kerberos type element in the authentication chain list.

  4. Select Kerberos from Browser Based Automatic Login.
  5. For configuring Kerberos configure Kerberos using the configuration properties in the Admin Console, see Configuring Kerberos.

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