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Configuring cross-domain support for Kerberos

Use this information to configure Kerberos authentication in a multi-domain environment.

Configuring cross-domain support for Kerberos SSO requires two-way trust between the active domains.
  1. Add realm information for the trusted domain into your krb5.ini file:

    In the [realms] section, where domain2.local is the name of your second trusted domain:

    DOMAIN2.LOCAL = {     
    kdc = ad2.domain2.local:88     
    admin_server = ad2.domain2.local:749     
    default_domain = domain2.local    
    and in the [domain_realm] section:
    .domain2.local = DOMAIN2.LOCAL    
    domain2.local = DOMAIN2.LOCAL
  2. Restart the server.

    When the server has restarted, check that you can access Alfresco Share from both domains.

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