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Managing record folders

There are various options available to help you manage record folders. These are available to users with the appropriate capabilities.
In the File Plan hover over a record folder to display the available actions. The standard actions available are shown. Additional options are available dependant on the stage a folder is at in the retention schedule. See the relevant topics for further details.

Action Select this to...
View Details View the record folder details page, where you can see the metadata and a full list of actions.
Edit Metadata Edit the record folder metadata.
Close Folder Close the folder. A closed record folder cannot accept records for filing. When you close the folder, this action toggles to the Re-open Folder action.
Edit Retention Date If a folder is subject to a folder level retention schedule, you can review the retention date for the next step in the retention schedule that applies to the folder.
Review All Mark all vital records in a folder as having been reviewed.
Add to Hold Hold the folder. You can view on hold folders in the Holds area on the explorer panel. When you hold the folder, this action toggles to the Remove from Hold action.
Copy to Create a copy of the folder in another location in the File Plan.
Move to Move the folder to another location in the File Plan.
Manage Permissions Set the user and group access for the folder.
Delete Delete the folder from the File Plan.
View Audit Log View the auditing information for the folder. The Audit Log displays the activity information in a new window and has options to export or file this information as a record.
Manage rules Create and edit rules so that folder content is managed automatically.

Note: When the folder is closed or on hold, a limited set of actions is available.

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