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What's in an audit

When you run an audit, you are provided with details of all the actions that have taken place in your Records Management site.

The type of action that is recorded in the audit log includes:

  • Capture of all electronic records: file, declare, undeclared
  • Re-categorization of an electronic record within the file plan: a move
  • Any change to any Retention Schedule (instructions): create, modify, destroy
  • Any retention actions carried out by authorized roles: cut off, retain, transfer, review, close folder, reopen folder
  • The adding or removal of an object to a hold
  • Any change made to any metadata associated with File Plan or electronic records, for example, change to vital record indicator
  • Amendment and deletion of metadata by a user
  • Any internal or user event triggered by the system or by the user, for example, SUPERSEDED, GAO Audit, End of Fiscal Year, and so on
  • Changes made to the access permissions
  • Creation, amendment, or deletion of a user or group
  • Changes made to the capabilities (functional access permissions)
  • Changes made to supplemental markings
  • Export and import
  • Deletion / destruction of records
  • Changes to the auditing levels and settings
  • Search operations carried out by users
  • Creating or deleting a hold

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