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An item can be declassified when it is no longer considered to be classified. Declassification occurs after a period of time has elapsed or an event occurs.

Go to Admin Tools > Security Controls > Configure to review the following declassification settings.

Governance Services comes configured with some common Declassification Exemptions but you can edit, delete, and create your own. You use these when you want to record the reasoning why the declassification time frame isnt being followed. Typically this occurs when you want to extend the Declassification Time Frame for some of your items in the repository.

You can also configure the Declassification Time Frame which determines how long by default, items in the repository are classified for until they are eligible for declassification. You have the option to adjust the Declassification Time Frame for new files or for all files in the repository. If there is an exemption attached to an item in the repository, its declassification time frame wont change if you change the settings on the Declassification Time Frame page.
Note: When using the feature ensure you read the information messages that are offered before you make any changes.

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