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List of values

When users edit metadata for folders and records, one of the field types available is a list of values.
Two predefined lists are provided with Records Management:
  • Supplemental Markings: security categories that are recommended by the DoD 5015.2
  • Transfer Locations: the names of your storage locations
Note: These are available for both standard and DoD 5015.2-STD compliant File Plans.

You need to provide values for these lists so that users can select from them when they edit metadata. The recommended values for Supplemental Markings are Confidential, Restricted, Secret, Top Secret and Unclassified.

You can also set up new lists as needed, and you can use these lists when you create custom metadata.

Where the value is a text string, you can also enter the value using a list of values menu. For example, on the Edit Metadata page, you enter the value for the Mimetype field by selecting a value from the menu.

Important: Administrators can see all security marks and other metadata when browsing the repository (for example, using the Node Browser).

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