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Security Marks and Classification

You can add security controls to files, records, folders, and categories so that only users with the required security level can view or access them.
Note: When you install Enterprise the Security Controls features are installed at the same time.

Security controls is the collective term for security classifications and security groups, which in turn are made up of one or more security marks.

There is one predefined Classification security group, but you can add as many additional security groups as you need.

Files, records, folders, and categories can be classified using the Classify option to apply a security classification and security marks.

You can set up classification guides so that users can auto-classify content.

When an item is classified it can only be seen by those with the required security clearance, and the security classification level is shown on screen. Users without the necessary security clearance won't have access to it or even know that it's there. When a classified file is declared as a record it retains its classification level and security marks.

User security clearance is set for a user (or user group) by assigning security marks to them.

You can create Classification Reasons to help identify and align the reasons why content is classified. Alfresco Governance Services comes pre-configured with some common classification reasons but you can edit, delete, and make your own.
Tip: Security controls are configured and assigned through the standard Alfresco Admin Tools, and can be used completely independently of a records management site if required.

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