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What's new in Alfresco Governance Services

See what's new in this Alfresco Governance Services 3.4 release.

Changes to how you can create a record

The options Declare as record and Declare version as record are no longer available. A new option File version as record is available from the New Rule window.

You use File version as record to create a record from a version of a file and then you can select a destination folder where the version will be filed as a record. You don't have to select a destination folder and if you don't the created record will be found in the unfiled records area.

WORM Storage

You can now use Alfresco Governance Services with WORM storage by using the Object Lock capability at Amazon S3. This includes being able to set a specific retention period and use the S3 Legal Hold functionality for compliance purposes. Legal Hold prevents content stored in WORM and subject to legal holds from being deleted, even after its retention period has expired. For more see S3 Object Lock overview and Working with Amazon S3 WORM.

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