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Adding security marks to a security group

You can add multiple security marks to a security group.
These marks can then be assigned to users and content to control which users can see which content.

For example, the predefined security group is Classification and contains the marks Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential. Only users assigned to the Top Secret mark can see files that have been marked as Top Secret.

You can set up additional security groups to match your company requirements, for example, security groups for nationality and job role.

  1. Click Admin Tools and then click Security Controls > Configure.
  2. Click on a security group.

    Tip: You can't add security marks to the predefined Classification security group.
  3. Enter a name for a new security mark.

    You can use the same names for marks in different security groups, but within a security group each name must be unique.

  4. Click Create.
  5. Now repeat until you have added all the security marks you want to (you can always add more later).

    Note: You can always click Delete to delete a security mark from the group. You can't delete a mark that's been assigned to a file. If you delete the last mark from a group then no-one else can access the group until you add marks to it.

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