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Setting security clearance

Alfresco Administrators can assign different clearance levels to users and groups that give access to files and records within their clearance level.
Note: You need to have the Alfresco Administrator role to set security clearance. You can't change the clearance level of the default Alfresco Administrator.
  1. Click Admin Tools and then click Security Controls > Assign.

    Users and groups are shown with their current classification clearance (the predefined security group).

    • Top Secret - Can see all files and records with any classification level
    • Secret - Can see secret, confidential, and unclassified files and records
    • Confidential - Can see confidential, and unclassified files and records
    • No Clearance - Can see unclassified files and records

    Hover over Details to see all security groups and security marks assigned to a user.

    Note: You won't see marks assigned to a user if you don't have clearance for them.
  2. Type a user's name or group name into the filter box to find the user / group.

    Tip: You can sort users by clicking Name, and view a user profile by clicking a user name.

    Click to select to view Groups and Users, or just Users or Groups.

  3. Hover over a user or group and click Set Security Controls next to them to change the security groups and marks they're assigned.

    Note: You can only assign Security Marks for the groups you are a part of.
  4. Currently assigned security marks are highlighted. Click a security mark to assign it to the user / group, and again to unassign it.

    Note: Marks that are inherited from another group aren't shown, only marks that are assigned directly to this user / group.
  5. Click Apply, and any changes you've made are applied.

    Note: If a user has marks assigned that you don't have access to then these will be unaffected by any changes you make.

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