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Running an audit

The Audit tool displays by default when you open the Records Management Console.
When you run an audit you can select to run a full audit or you can filter the results.
  1. If you want to filter the audit results then choose from one or more of the following options:

    Filter action
    By default only the first 20 log entries are displayed. Use this option to select the number of displayed entries.
    Select from and to dates for actions to include in the audit.
    Click Specify and search for then select a user you want to audit, then click Add.
    Select an event type to audit. You can only select one event type.
  2. When you've selected the audit filters you want, click Run Audit Report.

    Note: If you don't want to filter the results, then just click Run Audit Report without making any filter selections.
The most recent entries in the log (up to 20) display in chronological order. You can see who performed each event, the user's role, and when it was performed. You can also click a column header to sort the results.
Tip: Click Details to see more information on a specific event.

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