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Creating classification guides

Classification guides can be used to quickly classify content with a preset collection of security controls.
You can create an unlimited number of guides, and each one can contain one or more topics. Topics can then contain either subtopics or instructions.

Instructions are a collection of security marks and classification details. When you classify content with a topic (or topics) it's classification details are populated with those in the topic.

You can build up guides and they won't be available for use until you set them to On. Find out more in How classification guides work.

  1. Click Admin Tools and then click Security Controls > Classification Guides.
  2. Click New Guide.
  3. Enter a name for the guide.
  4. Enter an Originating Organization, for example, government or other body.
  5. Enter a guide publication date. This is the date when the guide should be made available.
  6. Select whether to make the guide available for classifying content.

    If it's not yet ready then you can leave it Off and switch in On at a later stage.

  7. Click Save.

    The guide is now listed and you can now add topics to it.

  8. Click on the guide name then click New Topic.

    Tip: You can click on a guide (not the guide name) then click Edit group to edit the guide, or Delete group to delete it.
  9. Enter a name and optional description for the topic.

    You can now click Save and add sub-topics, or select instructions to add to a topic.

  10. To add instructions click on Security Classifications and/or Security Groups:

    • Security Classifications - Select a classification level, a classification reason, and any other required classification details
    • Security Groups - Select all the required security marks
      Note: You cannot use security marks you do not posses when classifying content, unless you also use a security mark you do posses from the same group. If you have a security mark from a security group 'any' then you can view and assign all other marks from that group. When using marks (either when Classifying Content or creating Instructions) that you don't posses, you must include a mark from the same group to avoid losing access to the content. An error will appear if you attempt to create an instruction using only a mark you don't have, or have not included a mark from the same group.
  11. Click Save.

    If the guide is switched On then users can select from the topics it contains to automatically classify content.

    Note: If you delete a guide containing instructions that are currently being used to classify content, then the content will retain its classification.

    If you edit a guide's instructions then that won't modify the classification level or marks applied to content previously classified using that instruction.

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