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Reclassifying content

You can edit classification details and change the assigned security marks, as well as reclassifying content to downgrade, upgrade, and declassify it.
When a file, record, folder, or category is originally classified, a downgrade or declassification schedule can be set up. It's recommended that you follow this schedule when reclassifying.

You also can't reclassify a content higher than your own security level. So if your security clearance is Confidential, you can't reclassify content as Top Secret.

See Classification rules and tips for more on classifying content.

Note: Content can be reclassified multiple times.
  1. Hover over a classified file, record, folder, or category and select More, then Edit Classification.
  2. Autoclassify by clicking Add Instructions, or edit the classification manually using the steps below.
  3. Select a classification from:

    • Top Secret
    • Secret
    • Confidential
    • Unclassified
    Tip: If you select unclassified then the content will be available to all users. The classification reason can be seen in its properties when you preview files and records or view the details of folders and categories.
  4. You can edit most fields without choosing a new classification. If you select a new classification then you need to state who is doing the reclassification and the reason for doing it.

    Note: If the content has previously been reclassified then the person who classified it and their reason are displayed. You can edit these if required.
  5. Update other Security Classification details as required.
  6. Click security marks to apply them to the content, and again to remove them.

    See How security controls work for more details.

  7. Click Save.

    The content now displays its classification level, and can only be seen by those with the required security clearance.

    Tip: Content set to Unclassified with no applied security marks can be seen by all users.
    Note: The option to Share a file (not applicable for records) is no longer available for Top Secret, Secret, or Confidential files. When a file is declared as a record it retains its classification level and any security marks.

    The classification reason and classification-related properties can be seen in its properties when you preview files and records or view the details of folders and categories.

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