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Adding search results to a hold - Share search

Users with the appropriate capabilities can add search result items from the main Share search to a hold. This means you can select search results from a records management site or from a collaboration site, and add them to a hold. This includes content, records, and record folders. For records and record folders this would also suspend their retention schedules. When you add a record folder to a hold, all records within the folder are also added to the hold.
Note: Smart folders can't be added to a hold but each individual item in a smart folder can be added to a hold.
  1. Within the Share search bar, search for an item you wish to add to a hold.
  2. Review the search results and select the check box next to the item(s) you want to add to a hold.
  3. Click the Selected Items drop down list and select Add to Hold.
  4. Select one or more holds and click OK.

    A message displays confirming that the item or items you have selected are now on hold.

    Note: If no holds have been set up in the Holds area then the screen will be empty. Content, records, and records folders remain on hold until they have been removed from all holds they're added to.
The selected content, records, and records folders remain in their place in the File Plan, or Document Library (depending on the type of item on hold). They are also shown in the Holds area of the explorer panel.
Note: To remove content from a hold hover over it in the File Plan, Document Library or the Holds area and select Remove from Hold. From the Holds area in the File Plan and from the List view in the File Plan you can remove more than one item at a time. You do this by selecting your items and clicking the Selected Items drop down list and then Remove from Hold.

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