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What's new in Governance Services

Read about the latest features in this release.

Classification Reasons

You can now create Classification Reasons that are used when classifying content to identify why an item is being classified. You can create your own that are relevant to your organization.

See the Classification Reasons tutorial.

Declassification Exemptions

You can now create Declassification Exemptions that are used to identify why an item is not following the Declassification Time Frame period and will not be declassified. You can create your own that are relevant to your organization.

See the Declassification Exemptions tutorial.

Declassification Time Frame

You can now adjust the Declassification Time Frame that determines how long items in the repository are classified for, and until they have the possibility of being declassified.

See the Declassification Time Frame tutorial.

Apply Classification to Folder Contents

When classifying you can now apply the classification to a folders immediate children.

See the Classify Items tutorial.

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