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What's new in Alfresco Governance Services

See what's new in this Alfresco Governance Services 3.0.2 release.

The major focus of Alfresco Governance Services 3.0 is its compatibility with Alfresco Content Services 6.0.

Alfresco Governance Services 3.0.2

Alfresco Governance Services 3.0.1

Alfresco Search and Insight Engine support

You can now use Alfresco Search and Insight Engine with Alfresco Governance Services to increase your reporting capabilities.

Note: To use Alfresco Governance Services with Alfresco Search and Insight Engine you must use the following product versions:
  • Alfresco Search and Insight Engine 1.1 or above
  • Alfresco Content Services or above

See Alfresco Search and Insight Engine 1.1.

Containerized Deployment

Alfresco Governance Services 3.0 provides more flexible deployment options. Docker now can be used to deploy an instance of AGS in a faster and more standardized way across all environments.

See Deploying.

Library Upgrades

A number of underlying third-party libraries have been updated in both the repository and Share.

Any Marks

The functionality of Any Marks has changed. Now if you have a security mark from a security group 'any' you can view and assign all other marks from that group. When using marks (either when Classifying Content or creating Instructions) that you don't posses, you must include a mark from the same group to avoid losing access to the content.

See Creating classification guides.

Amazon S3 Glacier support

Alfresco Governance Services 3.0 supports Amazon S3 Glacier for long term inexpensive archiving.

See Alfresco Content Connector for AWS Glacier 1.0.

You can follow our latest updates at Alfrescodocs.

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