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Setting up a global filepath to access Alfresco

In Windows Explorer, you can set up a Group Policy to manage Favorites on client machines, or share a .lnk file in your Links folder. This can be useful if you want to preconfigure the folder that users will need to access the Alfresco repository from Microsoft Office (http://servername:port/alfresco/aos).

On a Windows 7 machine, the contents of Favorites in Windows Explorer is assembled from the .lnk files in C:\Users\username\Links. You can create a .lnk file in your Links folder and distribute this to the Links folder of other users, or preferably, you can use a Group Policy to manage Favorites on user machines. Follow these steps to use a Group Policy:

  1. In the Group Policy Management Console, navigate to User Configuration\Preferences\Window Settings\Shortcuts.
  2. Create a new shortcut (Group Policy Object) to a folder (not a link to a URL) with the following UNC target path:


    Alternatively, you can specify @port instead of @SSL, but not both. The default port is 443.

    For more information, see Configure a Shortcut Item.

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